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Finish off a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with a flush batten.

End Panels

Use end panels sprayed on one edge and one face to finish off a run of wardrobes.


Use our decorative wardrobe cornice to create an elegant top of your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Doors

Select from over 20+ different designs

Interiors and Carcass

Solid egger board carcass supplied. 18mm thick in three finishes.


Hide the carcass feet using a simple to fit plinth.

Breakfront Columns

Breakup a long run of wardrobe doors with a breakfront to make the most of the space.


Finish off the bottom of your wardrobe with something stylish.



Upstands are a great way of finishing off a wardrobe with an uneven ceiling. They can either go to the ceiling or you can leave a “shadow gap”.


We provide one proven style of cornice that is easy to miter and hides joins well.

Wardrobe Doors

We offer a large range of different panelled and wardrobe door designs, all hand sprayed in any colour.

Carcass and Interiors

We offer different carcass storage types and 3 different finishes. This means you can mix and match wardrobe interiors to create the types of storage your client needs.


Our skirting is designed to be easy to mitre and hide the legs of the carcass.


Plinths go well with upstands – this can be used to create a nice boarder around any wardrobe door installation.

End Panels

End panels can be used as breakfronts or on the left and right of a wardrobe to hide the exterior of the carcass.

Wall Scribes

Wall scribes are used to connect/scribe a wardrobe to a wall.

Breakfront Column

A breakfront column can be decorative and or functional. Essentially they allow you to see a carcass forward or back from the rest of the doors. Useful to break up a large run of wardrobes.

Fitting Types


A freestanding wardrobe will require 2 x end panels.

Wall to Wall

You usually use 2 x wall scribes to achieve this. This will create a lovely fitted wardrobe feel.

Left Hand Wall

A left-hand wall wardrobe installation has a wall to the left and an open side to the right. You can achieve this look by using an “end panel” on the open side and a “wall scribe” on the left side.

Right Hand Wall

This is the same as the left can wall. You usually use a wall scribe with an end panel.


A breakfront can be “inset” or “outset”. You will need to cut and mitre the top and bottom trims to complete this look.